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This is a mixture of work, some are guides we have written independently and 
some are posts commissioned on our site for a fee. Quite often our posts 
are both, we are commissioned to write a post and can come up with the theme 
ourselves and so write an informative, engaging and well researched guide. 

Our Guide To Backpacking in Australia & Tips For A Budget Trip Around Australia (Commissioned Piece)

Australia is huge!! Trying to see it all is like attempting to see all of Europe or the US in one!! The scale of the country is hard to get your head around at times but having driven from Melbourne to Darwin and back… twice, we can attest to the size of the land down under! So you need to plan your trip around Australia accordingly.

But unlike the densely packed European continent, the sights of Australia are far more spread out. Though there is of course heaps of things to see in Australia, there is also a whole heap of desert in between a lot of them! Traveling in Australia on a budget means picking the ones you want to see most to make your Australia backpacking budget go as far as it can.

So this means that instead of spending a lot of time and money trying to get through these empty expanses to cover all of the country. It’s best to break down different areas and either cover them in different trips or to fly to one major city and cover the areas around that before heading to another area. 


Gift The Traveller In Your Life The Ultimate Experience This Christmas! (Commissioned Piece)

Ok, so you might be wondering what we’re even talking about here, how you can you “gift” someone an experience?

What we’re talking about here is no run of the mill gift. Those socks will eventually wear thin and the bottle of booze will be a distance memory once the headache wears off. These gifts create memories that will last a lifetime, inspiring those that receive them to either continue in their quest to live life to the fullest or to spark within them a desire to seek out new challenges and continue to broaden their horizons.

Sure, a new playstation might take someone to a fantasy world, but leaping out of a plane at 14,000 ft is real adventure! The sort that stays with you and fundamentally changes you as a person. These experiences encourage us to go out and treat our world as a playground, to touchfeel and be in the moment rather than interactive with our environments through a glass screen!


A Guide To Backpacking In Hong Kong

“For us Hong Kong was high on our bucket list for years after growing up with stories from my parents of their first travels to Asia and their experiences there in particular. It always seemed like a world away and yet also so familiar. After spending a month travelling around mainland China we had our perfect opportunity to finally go backpacking in Hong Kong. We found a metropolis like no other, a web of cultures brought together in the mesmerising tangle of urban development. It truly was everything we hoped and dreamt it would be and for Brits having just explored China, a strange mix of Chinese and British culture that provided us with a sort of reverse culture shock! It really is a very accessible and easy introduction to travelling around China but unfortunately unlike the mainland it can be very expensive!”


Kenya Budget Safari: How to plan a backpacker/ Affordable African Safari

“Leaping into the back of an open top jeep and cruising the savanna in sight of the big 5 is on most people’s bucket lists! But this incredible experience is also associated with huge costs that go way beyond what any backpacker or budget traveller could ever afford. Most would consider the safari an adventure reserved only for the older or more well off traveller; We have this vision of them donned in Khaki pants, 15 grand telephoto lense around their neck being chauffeured around the desert like a colonial conqueror! But times have indeed changed and with some research it it entirely possible to take a Kenya budget safari.”


Ultimate Backpacking Gear List: Our Southeast Asia Packing List for Beginners! Everything You Need For An Amazing Trip!

“Preparing for backpacking Southeast Asia can be a stressful time before setting off on the adventure of a lifetime. Your first time heading off backpacking can be a time of so many questions with so many unknowns including what to put on your packing list for Southeast Asia. You wonder how you will survive travelling long term with just the bag on your back! But fear not, it does get easier and you do learn a lot along the way. So we’ve put together our ultimate backpacking gear list as a guideline for those wanting to know specifically what to include on a Southeast Asia packing list which should answer the question “what should I take backpacking?”


The Ultimate Phuket Backpacking Guide: The Best Places to visit in Phuket On A Budget

“So, you’re backpacking Thailand and want to head to Phuket? Well it’s the perfect easy access starting point for exploring the beautiful islands of Thailand. It’s got a culture and history, incredible beaches, spectacular day trips and is a great place to relax for a while and recharge and is one of the best islands in Thailand for backpackers. It can also be a relatively expensive destination in comparison to some other areas of Southeast Asia given its popularity with both travellers and tourists but at the same time cheaper than many more remote islands. It’s a crossroads for many various groups out there exploring the world in many different ways, some avoid it due to mass vacationers, but there is more to it when you scratch the surface. Here’s our comprehensive Phuket backpacking guide including transport and accommodation information, practical and budgeting tips as well as information the best places to visit.”


The Ultimate Best Day Trips From Christchurch, New Zealand Guide Covering Near & Far!

“Having been fortunate enough to call Christchurch home for a year (and hoping to do so again in the future) we got to know it and the surrounding areas quite well doing many Christchurch day trips. It’s a small city but what it lacks in size it makes up for with its outdoor lifestyle and position on the south island. It makes a perfect gateway to exploring the wonders of Southern New Zealand so as you might imagine there are some incredible day trips from Christchurch to take whether they be on the outskirts of the city or at the start of the Alpine region. From surfing to snowboarding, sipping on wine or seal spotting there are some incredible places to visit near Christchurch, it has something for everyone and for us made a perfect base for exploring the country. Here’s our rundown of our top day trips from Christchurch New Zealand.”


Taking The 762 Turn Chiang Mai To Pai Scooter Trip & The Information On The Bus From Chiang Mai to Pai, Thailand

“After riding the length of Vietnam on motorbikes they became our favourite method of transport around South East Asia and wherever possible we would jump at the chance to do another trip. After such a long a gruelling trip in Vietnam though we searched out day trips on bikes as well as shorter multi day bike trips on some incredible roads. The hippy backpacker town of Pai in the very north of Thailand was somewhere we’d had on our radar since we began planning our time in Thailand. But when we discovered that the winding mountain road that leads from Chiang Mai to Pai is one of the best in the country, with an amazing 762 twists and turns, breathtaking scenery and another unforgettable experience… we knew we had to do the Chiang Mai to Pai scooter trip, a Thailand backpacker rite of passage and a perfect alternative to the stomach churning Chiang Mai to Pai bus”


The Amazing Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang Slow Boat: Thailand to Laos.

“Backpacking around South East Asia is an amazing adventure, travelling through amazingly diverse landscapes and from country to country like a true explorer. When we discovered the amazing, picturesque and beautiful adventure that is the Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang slow boat we knew we had to do it. We always like to add to the adventure if we can, like when we bought motorbikes in Vietnam meaning that the method of transport is much more than getting from A to B, but an adventure in itself! so instead of the vomit inducing Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai (or reverse) night bus we decided to take the incredible two day journey down the mighty Mekong on the slow boat to Luang Prabang. It can be a little confusing at first to organise so we’ve put together this guide to taking the Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang slow boat/ Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai slow boat.”


The Ultimate 3 Day Penang Itinerary: A Guide to this Beautiful & Historic Town in Malaysia.

“Malaysia, as we’ve waxed lyrical before about, became one of our favourite countries in SouthEast Asia. The amount of diversity within the culture, landscape, architecture and activities on offers across the two halves of the country are unrivalled. From the bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur to the rolling hillsides of the tea plantations of the Cameron Highlands, Penang offers something completely different! Offering crumbling colonial architecture reflecting this cultural mixing pot adorned by interactive and quirky street art, heritage buildings, exquisitely detailed temples of many denominations, unique cuisine, short hikes and even a beach! There’s no wonder that Penang was an area of Malaysia that we fell even more in love with! “


A 3 day Camping Trip on Great Ocean Road: The Best Way to Take in the Incredible Australian Coast

“This incredible 243 km long coastal stretch is not only one of the most impressive spans of road in the world, but it is also an amazing piece of constructions and historically significant. Starting around the seaside towns of Anglesea and Torquay the road winds its way around some of Australia’s most impressive coastline, from sweeping beaches to rugged cliffs and jagged sea stacks when it reaches the Port Campbell national park towards its end. The road was created between 1919 and 1932 in tribute to those who fell during the First World War and is the largest war memorial in the world.”


How to Get from El Nido to Coron: A Guide for the Coron to El Nido ferry, Philippines

“The tiny island of Coron off the north end of Palawan might seem quite remote and hard to get to. However for such a small and unassuming place the sheer beauty that can be found here means many flock to its turquoise waters and powder white sand beaches for a slice of paradise! However, depending on where you find yourself in either The Philippines or indeed the world there are a range of options available to you for getting here, some more adventurous that others! Here’s our El Nido to Coron ferry guide so you can experience this paradise island for yourself!”


The Ultimate 3 weeks in Vietnam Itinerary, A Complete Guide To This Amazing Country!

“Vietnam is a country of wild contrasts from beautiful golden sandy beaches to rugged mountainous terrain. It’s long and slender shape might seem easy to cover in a short amount of time, but with questionable transport, an ever changing landscape and so many possible stopping off points you can easily find yourself here a lot longer than anticipated. With a total of 10 weeks in Vietnam and counting under our belts over 2 trips we’ve put together “The Ultimate Vietnam Itinerary: 3 weeks”. For most travellers a 3 week Vietnam itinerary is an ideal amount of time to get lost in the bustling cities, relax on the serine beaches, weave through the highlands, immerse yourself in culture and history, trek through the mesmerising rice terraces and finally sail among the towering karst towers of Ha Long Bay!”


Ayutthaya Thailand: The Lost World of Ancient Thailand. A Guide To A Day Trip From Bangkok Or A Two Day Visit + Transport.

“Ayutthaya Thailand is the one time ancient capital of the Siam, the precursor to the modern-day kingdom of Thailand. Founded in 1350 it is Thailand’s answer to Angkor Wat or Bagan; a huge complex of crumbling ancient temples awaits the intrepid to explore this historic gem. Easily accessible from on the Bangkok to Ayutthaya train it can make a great day trip or an enjoyable adventure for a couple of days away from the chaos of the capital. An Ayutthaya day trip from Bangkok is easy and offers something very different to the hustle and bustle of the big city and an intriguing look into the ancient world of Siam. Here’s a run down on how to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok and what to see when you get there on the best day trip from Bangkok.”


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