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“Travelling together is intense; every emotion you go through is magnified by a million. Spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in each others pockets isn’t always perfect. Travelling brings out the best and the worst in us, the bumps in the road we come across, the long night buses and stresses that come with backpacking make us resourceful and great problem solvers, but they also make us grumpy as hell at times!”

Thought Catalog

“Traveling together can be a baptism of fire and can go either way! Spending so much time together in cramped conditions, sweltering heat and stressful situations will test the best of us! Knowing what your partner is like in certain situations is a good thing to discover before you go…not when you get stuck at customs and they turn into a wailing banshee! Get to know them properly before setting off together, you don’t want the trip of a lifetime ruined by having to put up with a prima donna you met 2 weeks ago in a bar! Equally traveling together is all about trust and being able to rely on each other, make sure the person you choose isn’t going to drop you in the middle of nowhere for a better offer!”

Matador Network

“When we actually entered Ukraine, a huge man in army fatigues with a rather large automatic rifle and obligatory fur hat came on to collect our passports. I got the feeling this route didn’t see many British passports and he made sure to thoroughly inspect ours… and the various visas and stamps they contained. With a bundle of passports, our standing out against all the Ukrainian and Polish ones, he took our passports off at gunpoint.”


European Football Away Games: Moscow


“When I look back now at all the things we have been through, the sights we have seen, the adventures, the highs, the lows, the sobering reality of everyday life after the craziness of university I can’t help but feel that makes us see life and the world differently. At 21 years old when I left university I had only just begun my adventures around the world, I had so much to learn. I feel that now after 5/6 years of short term travelling we are more able to take a more reflective approach to travelling.”


“If you are on the lookout for the trip of a lifetime then look no further than Interlaken. This stunning town which sits nuzzled in the Bernese Alps will allow you to tick off more bucket list items in a week than most people do in a lifetime! Around every corner of this quaint alpine town is an opportunity for adventure! Waking up in the shadow of the impressive triple peaks of The Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau might just be the inspiration you need to soar off the side of a mountain, leap off a waterfall or hang off a cliff or two!!”

“Tokyo is often seen as the crazy capital of Tokyo, the metropolis which has an overwhelming array of lights, sounds, rushing crowds and a complete sensory overload. Whilst this is true for large areas of the city and one of the main reasons to visit this mega metropolis, many people think they have to travel out of the city or to other areas of the country to experience Japan’s ancient and serine side. But what Tokyo does brilliantly is provide an antidote to itself, from tiny shrines down side streets to huge complexes that feel a million miles away from the busy streets, these tranquil oases are worth searching out.”

“If you ever get the chance to visit lake Como then grab it, even after our adventures in the Swiss Alps this is one of the most picturesque places we have ever been. It is almost too much for words; traditional houses, narrow cobbled streets, steep back alleyways with the deep blue waters lapping at the bottom. Around every corner of these towns is another picture postcard view!”

“After the bright lights and hope of the Olympics came the dark cloud of the Balkan war. Famously Sarajevo suffered the longest siege in modern history and these tracks created for the benefit of the Bosnian people became embroiled in the fight. The twists and turns that once hosted the world’s best Olympians in 1991 became an artillery position for the Serbian forces. Holes drilled into the side of the concrete became sniper positions, the whole area was covered in landmines and the track was used as a defensive position to bomb the city below. From being a place of fun it became one of horror and a mechanism for hated.”

Monarch Airlines

Hostel Geeks

“Little electric cars buzzed around us at the beat of a monks drum and the smell of incense filled the air. Amidst the glowing signs and the melody of sounds we found the wonderful hidden world of a tiny, ancient Shinto shrine. We watched as locals came and went, wafting themselves with the sweet smelling smoke, washing their hands and clapping before bowing before the ornate temple.”

Euro Tribe

“We visited Krakow late last year and were blown away by its beauty, history and culture. We had heard great things about this city but the depth of our admiration for it took us by surprise. By the time we had roamed its cobbled streets and weaved our way through its maze of bohemian districts we had fallen head over heels in love with it! It offers up so much for so less, it is full of exquisite architecture and rich culture but yet financially, it is one of the cheapest places we have ever visited!”

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