Hey there and welcome to my site. Im Nic Hilditch-Short and I’m a creative specialising in areas of Graphic Design, Fine Art, Photography, Freelance writing, SEO and Social media/ Blogging. I am also one part of The Roaming Renegades.

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I began by studying BA Fine Art at Staffordshire University where I mostly concentrated my work around painting.

Here I explored themes on how the medium of choice the artists uses changed and elevates how we see the subject. For example painting everyday street furniture which as a skateboarder I already perceive very differently.

During this time I also experimented in mixed media and explored textures and layering within the urban environment. I also started a tattoo apprenticeship.

I then went on to study MA Design & Art Direction at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Here my work became much more about photography and design. Here my themes concentrated on the idea of exploring the overlooked, peeling back the fabric of modern urban life and challenging the concept of normality.

Here I again began to look again at print and textures, experimental and film photography alongside branding and typography

Whilst on my Masters I also began to look more into branding, poster design and Graphic Design to combine my style into a more commercial outlet. I have since worked on several logo and branding projects.

After graduating with my MA I began the travel blog/ website The Roaming Renegades in 2016.

Over this time I have been able to travel full time whilst working on my blog, creating both freelance content and sponsored content on my site, making a passive income through affiliate marketing and driving traffic to the site through SEO and social media marketing.

I have been able to create a variety of useful and informative content not just about the places we have visited but also beyond using my creative writing abilities, photography and research.

Outside of working I am a passionate traveller and have visited 62 countries. I love to climb, skateboard, hike, ride motorbikes and take photos for fun. I am also an avid supporter of Arsenal FC and Richmond AFL.

I got married in New York in 2013 to my best friend and we’ve bounced around the globe ever since Calling Manchester UK, Melbourne Australia and Christchurch NZ home as well as spending 18 months in South East Asia.

The great love of our lives is our pug Count Dooku.

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