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Hot Air Ballooning over the surreal and stunning landscape of Cappadocia


When we decided to take a detour and head down to Turkey, a country we are more than familiar with after visiting year upon year whilst growing up, we made a pact to tick off our bucket list dreams this time. Instead of just heading back down to the stunning beaches of the south coast of the country to see our family and friends we took a route of adventure and discovery. Taking in Istanbul and paragliding off a mountain along the way. But the most magical place, and one which at no point actually felt real, was Cappadocia. This alien world landscape in the middle of the desert captured our imagination like no other, and what better way to take it all in than floating in and above the dream like fairy chimneys of this lost world! Hot air balloon Cappadocia: A dream come true!

Touring Venice by the water: The best way to see both the known and unknown areas of this unique city!

When visiting Venice what better way in there to explore this special, unique and crumbling old city than via the canals. When you tour the canals you get not only the chance to see Venice from another perspective and see all those amazing and well known sites once again. But from here you see how real life works, you get to discover how to locals live and see some of the most fascinating and intriguing areas. We took a tour with Walks of Italy to explore Venice alongside a lifelong local!


White water rafting in the glacial waters of Jungfrau, Swiss alps

White Water Rafting, it had been on our bucket list for some time, but in all honesty as much as we wanted to give it a try we didn’t really know what to expect. We thought that maybe being on such a big raft it would be fun but a little tame, so with that in mind we chose the Lütschine which is graded at III/IV and is the most extreme available from Outdoor Interlaken! Well, we were in for a rude awakening…this was one of the most exhilarating and wild rides we had been on…hold on it’s going to get bumpy!!


Our wild white water rafting adventure through the Tara Gorge, Montenegro!

We love white water rafting! You might have seen the amazing course we tackled in Switzerland last year in which we made our way down the wild waters of the glacial melt from Jungfrau in the most amazing scenery! What could ever come close to that? Well when we were researching which countries on our Balkan adventure were the best for adventure activities Montenegro came up tops. Well, with a name that means Black Mountain is it any surprise!? We headed off to find out if these rapids would live up to our already amazing rafting experiences?!


Learning to SCUBA dive in Borneo: Completing our PADI course in the most stunning and unexpected place!

When we set off backpacking around South East Asia, doing a PADI course to become qualified open water SCUBA divers was one of the first things we added to our list of things to do! After doing a taster session over 10 years ago on a family holiday to Turkey and also having friends who raved about it, it seemed like the perfect way to begin to explore our underwater world further. Everyone and I mean everyone does it in Thailand, it’s reportedly the cheapest and unofficially one of the most lax places to learn. In all honesty some of the tales of being herded like cattle, close calls and just passing anyone made us put it off long enough to think we might just not do it.

However after arriving in the stunning Kota Kinabalu and having a few days spare whilst waiting for our slot to climb the mountain we saw so many posters and images of the stunning islands and their diving potential for our interest to be reignited. In the end we found a personal, safe, beautiful and also unique place to learn to dive with a professional and fun company in Borneo Dream. SCUBA diving in Borneo and doing our scuba diving course Malaysia was for us a travelling highlight and the Kota Kinabalu diving scene one we really enjoyed.


Riding up to the amazing Kuang Si Waterfall before hiking through the jungle to a tribal village with Grasshopper Bike tours!

After you have toured the temples of the royal city of Luang Prabang then the next must see spot is just a few km from the town. Heading up to the stunning milky turquoise waters of Kuang Si Waterfall we decided to do it a little different and instead rode a bike up the mountainous roads and continued on foot afterwards along jungle lined tracks before finishing in a tiny tribal village making the most of this stunning region of Laos.

Reaching the Kuang Si Waterfall after a couple of punishing hours on the bikes was such a relief, almost overcome by the heat all we wanted to do was to jump straight into the beautiful waters! Although, upon arriving at the falls we were immediately struck by the beauty of the place, the serene setting in which the turquoise waters formed natural pools and falls, it was an enchanting sight to say the least.


Trekking with H’Mong minority hill tribe through the rice terraces and mountains of Sapa. A highlight of Vietnam

Travelling the length and width of Vietnam we came across all walks of life, weathers and landscapes. But in completing our original task of riding from Saigon to Hanoi we knew we had one last adventure left, and it turned out to be the best. After 2 gruelling but amazing days on the bike, passing through the amazing little villages of Yen Bai and staying with a wonderful family in a homestay, it was time to reach the picture perfect rice terraces of Sapa.

Located in the very north of Vietnam along the border with China the weather was much colder and harsher up here. The mountains dominated the landscape and hill tribes, in particular the H’Mong and Red Dao people populated this rugged but beautiful place. To get the most out of this fascinating and stunning location we headed off trekking in Sapa with some of the H’Mong women for a 2 days that turned out to be the highlight of our 7 weeks in Vietnam!


Discovering the real Vietnam with Jack Tran tours. An insight into the lives of the Fishermen, Rice farmers and War veterans on an unforgettable day!

One of the things we love to do whilst travelling is interacting with local people, hearing their stories and getting to know their way of life. Sometimes though it can feel hard to break down the barriers of culture, language and suspicion that can prevent us from really getting below the surface of a country or region. Taking a Hoi An Tour was the perfect way to gain access to people and stories otherwise unknown, to ask those burning questions and get to grips with local life from the very source whilst at the same time paying back to that very community.


Leaping 36 ft into a narrow cavern, ziplining over a turquoise lake and abseiling 100ft over a waterfall: Canyoning in Dalat, Vietnam!

In truth one of the main reasons we were excited to come to Vietnam was for the canyoning, mentioned by almost everyone who has visited as some of the best in the world. We made a beeline on our bikes into the central Highlands of Vietnam and towards the beautiful mountain town of Dalat to give it a go! Having experienced some of the best and most thrilling examples of this extreme sport in Switzerland and Slovenia, Dalat had a lot to live up to, but here in this stunning and surprising region we came across a world class course and a day to remember

So no sooner had we got to grips with the bikes we headed up from the coast and into the beautiful mountainous central highlands region of Vietnam. This area totally blew our minds and shook to the core our visual impressions and expectations of what South East Asia looks and feels like! Up here you would be forgiven for thinking you are voyaging through an Alpine forest, covered in pine trees and ferns this is a far cry from the palm tree covered beaches we had come to expect…but we weren’t complaining, this change in altitude means only one thing for us: Adventure!


Delving into the post apocalyptic world of abandoned soviet Chernobyl and exploring the eerie streets of Pripyat.

For years now visiting Chernobyl and the post apocalyptic abandoned soviet town of Pripyat had been a dream. There is something eerily alluring about the idea of a town trapped in time, as the world has moved on this time capsule of the soviet era has been slowly crumbing. Twisting this once idealistic Utopian dream into something from a dystopian nightmare.

As we grew more interested in both soviet history and Urban Exploring we looked to the horrific and spine tingling events of Chernobyl and the ghost town of Pripyat as the epitome of exploration. Finally we had the chance to step into this still radiated wasteland to make this strange dream a reality taking one of the many Chernobyl tours from Kiev! You might also ask, is it safe to visit Chernobyl and can you visit Chernobyl without a guide? We’ve got all the answers covered as well as our experience.


Canyoning in the epic Chli Schliere

 Canyoning… we love it! Jumping off cliffs into rivers, sliding down the most amazing natural slides or rappelling down immense waterfalls, it’s something we can’t get enough of. But where do fans of canyoning head to, Chli Schliere of course! Ever since our first taste of canyoning we have had this amazing place on our bucket list! It’s the ultimate canyon! 33ft jumps, 50ft rappels and crazy fast and twisted slides…here’s our epic adventure!


Accommodation Write Ups & Reviews

Boutique Hostels and Hotels

Wink Hostel Singapore

Cube hostel, Bangkok

Steel House, Copenhagen

5footway.inn, Singapore

City Box Hotel, Oslo

Grand Mas Hotel, Bali

Ostic House, Yogyakarta

Faloe Hostel, Kota Kinabalu

Baan Khun Nine, Bangkok

Paper Plane, KL

Moreto & Caffeto hostel Sofia

Hi Skopje hostel review

Doors Hostel, Bucharest

Cinnamon Sally, Riga

World house hostel: Istanbul

Urban Pack hostel: Hong Kong

Shwe Yo Hostel, Yangon

Envoy Hostel, Phnom Penh

Luxury Accommodation:

Kandawgyi Palace, Myanmar 5*

Myanmar Treasure Resort, Inle 4*

Mt Popa resort, Myanmar 4*

Myanmar Treasure, Bagan 4*

Blue Buddha Kampot 4*

La Residence Blanc D’Angkor, Siem Reap 4*

The Sheraton Imperial, KL 5*

Hotel Royal, Gothenburg

Santan Gili Cottages, Gili Trawangan

Double Gem Resort, El Nido

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