Graphic Design – iBreathe Packaging, Concept & Social Media


Branding, Packaging and logo design for the 
LIQZ Blue range of iBreathe Vaping products 


Here I took the colours of Blueberries and the patterns from snowflakes to create 
the background imagery. 

I then created quite a simple and toned down logo to make it clear what the 
product was and as an ode the idea of the product being simple to use 
and to make it pop from the background.
I also added an old medicine bottle style label again to present the 
information in a straightforward manner to convey the idea of an honest, 
well made, British produced item. 


Branding. Logo Design. Packaging. 


Instagram Concept posts for the Classic Tobacco Range of ibreathe products


My idea with the first piece was to convey the idea of freedom that vaping 
gives you as opposed to smoking itself. Giving the impression of 
clean and fresh air out in the open but without compromising on the 
tobacco flavour many people enjoy.

The second post is related more to the idea of retaining the traditional 
experience of smoking through a vaping product.


Social Media. Branding. Copywriting

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