Graphic Design – Rebranding for Roaming Renegades Travel Blog


Rebranding the website The Roaming Renegades. 


Logo Design . Graphic Design . Branding . Clothing Design 


‘The Roaming Renegades' specialise primarily in backpacking
and adventure travel as well as travel photography and have
been going since 2014. The website is now
 considered one of the more established travel blogs in the 
industry and has a solid position which they are trying to
 consolidate and develop with more mature and up-to-date

I rebranded and alongside the relaunch of their website with a
fresh new look. I changed their colour scheme and logo to 
something more playful and whimsical whilst retaining their 
adventurous and rebellious nature. The new branding reflects a 
more experienced way of being a “renegade” whilst
 still keeping an air of fun and excitement. 

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