Graphic Design – Logo & Branding For Short Bros Coffee NZ


Branding and logo concept for a local artisan coffee shop in Christchurch, 
New Zealand. 


Logo Design . Graphic Design . Branding 


Short Bros is a newly opened coffee shop in Queenstown, NZ.
They specialise in organic and ethically sourced coffee roasted
 and ground on site. They pride themselves in their artisan
 products and treat the coffee brewing process as a real craft.

My logo and branding aimed to create a real air of craftmanship
with traditional sensibilities and a handmade vibe. The
 letterpress style of the logo harks back to a time when “making” 
was a slow and personal process filled with passion and skill.

I also added the coffee bean fern to be sure the logo was clear
about its craft and related to its location in New Zealand.

Logo Design

Logo Implementation

Poster Design

Menu Design

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