Graphic Design – T Shirt Design For The Climbing Hangar & Women Rock


Designing a collaboration t shirt between the Climbing Hangar which is based across the UK and the women's focused charity: "Women Rock".  


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The concept behind the design was to represent female energy and strength
with the moon encapsulating the outdoors. I also wanted to use
the idea of "Mother Nature" alongside earthy, subtle tones. 

My real aim was to avoid stereotypical "girly" colours and create
something myself as a rock climber would love to wear. 
Something that represented the landscape I enjoyed instead
of pretty flowers and pink. 

I chose a colour palette not only for it's earthiness but also
alongside my font choice and layout for the t-shirt to
have a 70's hippy, easy going vibe to the shirt. For it
to come across as relaxed and fun loving for the summer ahead. 

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